We pride ourselves on providing some of the finest apples in the Pacific Northwest. From Red Delicious to our special "Firecrisp," Early Fuji and Gala, we grow a wide variety of apples to put onto the market year-round.

Apricots, Plums & Pluots

We have an assortment of apricots, plums, and pluots, which can serve a variety of purposes. From jams, to pollinators, these delicious fruits round out our offerings.


Cherries have one of the shortest seasons, ranging from mid-June to mid-August. We grow five varieties of the cherry, each with a unique harvest timeframe, allowing us to provide fresh cherries from late spring through early autumn.


Nectarines have a flavorful intensity, and are similar to peaches or apricots in various ways. Great for jams and eating plain, our nectarines are available from mid summer through mid autumn.


We offer a wide variety of peaches. Tangy, soft, and sweet, these peaches are great for eating plain, baking and canning. Be on the look out for these in the late summer or early autumn.


Our pears are very sweet, juicy and soft. Between the Bartlett, Hosui Asian, and D'Anjou, we have a good variety of seasonal availability, sweetness, and diversity of flavor.