Red Delicious

Red Delicious apples are the largest selling apples worldwide yet they have the worst reputation of any apple. Like the Golden Delicious apple, the Red Delicious apple only stays good and crisp for the first month of its life off of the tree. After that the apple softens up and loses many of its flavors. While it is still fresh the Red Delicious is crisp, lightly sweet, and has a strong rich apple flavor.

Arrives: Late September

Departs: Mid October


Firecrisp is a variety of Honeycrisp apples. These apples are the newest and sweetest apple we grow. Along with an intense sweetness there is also a strong tart flavor in the apple. The Firecrisp apple is very juicy and can stay crisp off the tree for many months. Because we are just starting to grow the Firecrisp, we have very limited quantities but hope to soon have plenty.

Arrives: Late September

Departs: Late October

Early Fuji

Early Fuji apples are very sweet although they are not as sweet as the later season Fuji apples. They are juicy and are always crisp. Their skin is not as thick at later Fuji apples so they won’t last as long off of the tree. Luckily before they start to go bad we will have sold out of them and the later season Fuji apples will be in season. A good way to tell if the Fuji apple is an Early Fuji is if it has a blush texture to the skin rather than a striped textured skin.

Arrives: Late September

Departs: Mid October


Fuji Apples are the last variety of apples to come into season that we grow. Because they are later they stay on the tree longer which makes them sweeter and larger than the Early Fuji apples. The Fuji apples have a very crisp texture for a very long period in comparison to most apples. They are juicier than most apples, which can pose as a problem when baking or making applesauce. Typically, the apples need to cook for a longer period to help release more of the juice from the fruit.

Arrives: Mid October

Departs: Late June


Gala apples are the first variety of apple to come into season that we grow. They are a sweet apple that never gets too large. They are great for baking and applesauce because they aren’t overly juicy. Galas last a moderate amount of time of the tree before beginning to soften up.

Arrives: Early September

Departs: Early December

Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious apples are the tartest apples we grow. They are commonly considered a terrible apple because they are marketed year round even though the apples do not last very long off of the tree. In the first month of the Golden Delicious they are sweet, crisp, tart and the best apple for baking that we grow. Unfortunately after that month they begin to soften up and lose their tart flavor.

Arrives: Late September

Departs: Late November

Organic vs. Non-Organic

Here at Martin Family Orchards we pride ourselves on growing our fruit in a way that we think is clean and responsible. We are not Organic certified but we do have a Global Gap certification. The Global Gap certification is a different certification process than Organic, through a different company, with different guidelines. Like Organic, Global Gap has restrictions on what kind of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers you can use. As opposes to popular belief, Organic does not mean “no spray” especially with tree grown fruit. There are plenty of Organic certified pesticide that are commonly used, and we even use some of them. With Global Gap we think we can grow in a way that is clean, responsible, and produces some great fruit.


We pride ourselves on providing some of the finest apples in the Pacific Northwest. From Red Delicious to our special “Firecrisp,” Early Fuji and Gala, we grow a wide variety of apples to put onto the market year-round.

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