Independent nectarines are the first variety of nectarines that we grow to come into season. They are relatively small and red and taste sweet and tart. Similar to the apricot, the Independent nectarine has a pit that is very loosely connected to the fruit. They are a yellow flesh fruit that is very popular for making into jams.

Arrives: Late July

Departs: Early September

Red Gold

Red Gold nectarines are the final variety of nectarines to come into season that we grow. They are very large and have the shape of a peach. They are a bright vibrant red and speckled yellow. Extremely sweet and extremely tangy, they are the most intense tasting fruit we grow. The Red Gold nectarine is a free stone fruit with a yellow flesh.

Arrives: Mid-August

Departs: Mid-September

Organic vs. Non-Organic

Here at Martin Family Orchards we pride ourselves on growing our fruit in a way that we think is clean and responsible. We are not Organic certified but we do have a Global Gap certification. The Global Gap certification is a different certification process than Organic, through a different company, with different guidelines. Like Organic, Global Gap has restrictions on what kind of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers you can use. As opposes to popular belief, Organic does not mean “no spray” especially with tree grown fruit. There are plenty of Organic certified pesticide that are commonly used, and we even use some of them. With Global Gap we think we can grow in a way that is clean, responsible, and produces some great fruit.


Nectarines have a flavorful intensity, and are similar to peaches or apricots in various ways. Great for jams and eating plain, our nectarines are available from mid summer through mid autumn.

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